Day 29 – Carl Dossett
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Day 29 – Carl Dossett

Day 29 – Carl Dossett

Day 29 is Carl Dossett, 12×12 oil on wood panel. This is my Grandpa Carl, as we we call nim to out kids. When I was born to about the age of three, we lived accross the street from this wonderful couple. They kindof adopted us as grandparents, so we called then Grandma and Grandpa Dossett. They met us for the first time just after I was born. We used to go over to their house often, especially every Christmas morning. They had two wonderful daughters Julie and Phyllis. They became Aunts to us and their children cousins. My Grandpa G and Eleanore (Carl’s wife) passed away around the same time. Shorly after, Carl married my Grandmother Ruth and they were married for 19 years. They had a wonderful life together, spending equal time at both parishes. He was a living saint to me, so gentle, humble and faithfull. He always had a smile on his face and was happy all the time. I never saw him angry or upset. We shared a lot in common, he was very tallented in so many areas, but he was an artist, and we both shared this interest together. He was taught by some of the legendary Illustrators like Andrew Loomis, that we studied in school.

Here is more about Carl’s life.

Carl Jacob Dossett was born on August 18, 1920 to Elmer McKinley and Sarah Christena Dossett in Great Falls, Montana. He was the second of their four sons. When he was fairly young the family moved to Twin Falls, Idaho where his folks purchased a farm and that is where he and his brothers were raised.

Carl enlisted in the U.S. Navy and served from 1942 through 1946. It was in August 1943 (on a blind date) that he met the first love of his life – Eleanor Cohen, who was a U.S. Navy, Wave Yoeman, from Brooklyn. For almost two years they were together whenever Carl could get to Washington, DC (where she was stationed). In-between their dates, Carl would write letters and on each envelope he would include cartoon picture from a previous date or something showing her something that had taken place where he was. His letters would sometimes take twice the time to get to Eleanor because they would get passed around the barracks and Post Office before they were delivered. After the war Carl was discharged from the Navy and he and Eleanor were married in New York on February 23, 1946. They lived in Twin Falls for 3 years before moving to California so Carl could attend art school at Woodbury College in Los Angeles. He worked for Tech-Color Craft and Avery Label before opening his own silk screen printing business in 1963 (C-K Products), with Kay McClure. Eleanor passed away in February 1980 after 34 years of marriage leaving Carl with 2 daughters and lots of wonderful memories.

In 1981, Carl and his partner decided to sell the business, though Carl did stay on to assist the new owners.

Something unexpected happened in 1981, Carl found Love again! He and Ruth Gutzwiller were married on June 14, 1981. Ruth was a very close family friend who had also lost her spouse. Carl and Ruth were quite the busy couple. They were both very active in their respective churches, which they each supported each other in the activities. Their families use to comment that they stayed busier than the younger people in the family. They signed up for Adoration at St. Dorothy’s on Friday evening at 11:00 pm because they figured they probably wouldn’t have a conflict at that time. They never missed Friday unless they were traveling and then they would arrange for a substitute. Carl and Ruth celebrated 19 years of marriage before Ruth passed away. Carl felt very blessed to have found two great Loves.

Carl passed away on September 06, 2006 at the age of 86.

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